Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing Aid Service and Repair

Expert Service and Repair

Whether you purchased your hearing aids from us or someone else, we are here to support you with cleanings, programming and repairs. We work with most of the major manufacturers in getting your hearing aid repaired when we can’t fix the issue in-office. We are very thorough with each visit and serve to delight our clients each and every visit. Contact us to find out more about your warranty status and likely office charges for service or repairs.
Hearing aid

On-Site Repairs

For your convenience, we can perform minor repairs on-site such as:
  • Speaker replacement
  • Deep-cleaning microphones
  • Changing wax filters
If necessary, we can also send your hearing aid to the manufacturer for repair. When we get it back from them, we'll return it to you promptly. Contact us today for more information.
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