Hearing Aid Accessories

Useful Hearing Aid Accessories

Everything You Might Need That's Hearing Aid-Related

Do you need a hearing aid accessory? There's a good chance Pro Hearing LLC has it. You'll find everything from hearing aid cases and battery testers to a variety of wireless accessories. Visit either of our locations today and see our great selection!
Hearing aid accessories

From Accessories to Apps

Hearing Health Accessories
  • Ear plugs - including noise protection foam plugs and plugs for airplane flying
  • Miracell ear oil for itchy ears
  • Ear cleaning drops
  • Ear cleaning kits for at home
Hearing Aid Accessories
  • Hearing aid batteries
  • Hearing aid cases
  • Dry kits with desiccant for drying hearing aids
  • Battery testers
Wireless Accessories
  • TV media devices to stream television audio to hearing aids 
  • Remote microphone for hearing in noisy environments
  • Bluetooth adapter for remote microphone for streaming phone calls
  • Streamers to transmit audio content to hearing aids
Bluetooth Accessories
  • Made-for-iPhone hearing aids to stream audio content to hearing aids with most Apple products
Manufacturer apps are available to change programs, adjust volume, and more from phone to hearing aids:
  • TruLink for Starkey
  • Starkey Relax for tinnitus relief
  • On for OPN
  • Smart for Resound
  • Tunity app to stream TV wirelessly without streamer or special TV device
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