Our Professionals

Lexi, Office Mascot

Hi, my name is Lexi, the Pro Hearing Office Mascot! I may look like a little fox, but I’m a Paperanian (half Papillon/half Pomeranian). Even though my mom, Dr. Matthews, is technically the boss, we all know I’m Queen of the place! My favorite part of being the Queen….I mean, Office Mascot, is greeting patients! I like to show off in front of patients by chasing my toys and rolling over to show my belly. I also love being outside! Sometimes, I trick the staff into taking me outside to "go" but I really just want to roll in the grass! They call it being a “diva,” but I call it being adorable. Anyway, come on in and see me, Lexi the Office Mascot, and let our dedicated Pro Hearing staff take care of all your hearing needs!

NOTE: I know that some people have dog allergies, are afraid of dogs or just don’t really like dogs. I certainly don’t want it to hinder your experience with us! If you prefer your appointment to be pooch-free, just let the staff know and they can put me away.

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